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How to Measure Yourself for Shobain Lingerie

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

It's not as scary as it might sound! :)

One of the biggest concerns we have when shopping for lingerie is choosing the right size for us. This is rightfully so – the lingerie industry is infamous for its absolute lack of international standardization of sizes. I have experienced this issue firsthand while trying to find undergarments that would fit my body and is one of the reasons I’ve decided to venture out into lingerie design.

When creating the sizing table for Shobain, I decided it should be a no-nonsense approach – there would be no adding +4 inches to find the underband size or anything of the like. To measure yourself for Shobain lingerie, you need four measurements: your underbust measurement, your full bust measurement, your waist measurement and your hips measurement.

The following is a detailed description on how to take your measurements along with a video guide.


It is best to take your measurements wearing a well-fitting, non-padded bra. It can also be helpful to take your measurements twice to ensure you’ve found the correct number.


To determine your bra size, measure your underbust and full bust.

To measure your underbust, measure the circumference at the top of the ribcage, underneath your breast tissue. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground and fits securely.

To measure your full bust, place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, again making sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground.

To find your cup size, calculate the difference between your full bust and underbust size.

Cup size = bust girth – underbust girth

For example, a person with an underbust of 79 cm and a full bust of 92 cm would be the size 80A.


To find your panty size, measure your waist and hip circumference.

Measure your natural waist: if you need help finding the area, try bending sideways and then measure the circumference at the point where your waist bends. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground while taking your measurement.

To measure your hip circumference, keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground and measure around the fullest part of your hips.


To give you a better visual representation of how to take your measurements, I've also prepared a detailed video explanation which you can watch here:


With all of this being said, since each breast is a unique shape and fullness, even after measuring yourself it can be a little bit difficult to determine your size. But I have a couple of solutions:

1. Along with your measurements, you can send in the bra size you currently wear that works for you and a photo in an unpadded bra which I can compare to your measurements and see what would work best for you.

2. If you’re in Rijeka, you can contact me and come in for an in-person measurement and consult to the Shobain studio.

3. If you’re anywhere else, you can contact me and we can arrange a short virtual session where I can guide you through the measurement process and you can express any concerns you might have.

4. If you don't find your size in the available sizes, don't hesitate to contact me: as a new and small brand and a one-woman operation, I am unable to have a very wide size range for all styles, but I'd be more than happy to see what I can do for you in terms of custom sizing!

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful! Fitting our undergarments can be stressful and confusing but I am here to make this process a little bit easier because I believe we all deserve to feel comfortable and confident in our bodies. Shobain lingerie is made for you and for your body so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have!

And lastly, just a little snippet that maybe needs to be said:

Do not beat yourself up over any numbers or sizes. When it comes to lingerie, what matters is how it fits, how comfortable it is and how confident it makes you feel.

The numbers are just a necessary guide for me to be able to create these beautiful garments for you that can help you feel like your own biggest muse.

With love,


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