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Lingerie Chef Presents: Shobain Strawberry Tiramisu

Celebrate loveday with your favorite lingerie and a super easy tiramisu recipe that will have your loved one(s) absolutely enamored. Or show yourself some self love and indulge in this delicious and easy recipe!

Best served while wearing the Valentina set! ;)

Strawberry Tiramisu

The ladyfingers are dipped into a mixture of orange juice and white rum - this gives the tiramisu such a light airy taste that doesn't overpower the rest of the flavors. The fresh strawberries are cut thinly and placed on the first layer of the tiramisu. If making three or more layers, place the strawberries on all layers except the last one!

Top the tiramisu with some matcha powder and white chocolate shavings and make sure you chill it well before serving so the cream has time to firm up a bit and all flavors can incorporate into an amazing spring rhapsody.


2 eggs

pinch of salt

1 pack/16 gr vanilla sugar

2 tbsp sugar

75 ml heavy whipping cream

125 gr mascarpone

white rum

juice of 2 oranges

(gluten free) ladyfingers


matcha powder

white chocolate


1. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and beat until firm peaks form.

2. Add the vanilla sugar and sugar to the egg yolks and beat until light and fluffy. Mix in the mascarpone cheese and a couple teaspoons of white rum to taste. Then add the whipped cream and lastly slowly incorporate the egg whites into the mixture.

3. Juice two oranges and strain to avoid any pulp. Add two teaspoons of white rum.

4. Take the gluten free ladyfingers and dip them into the juice and rum mixture. Place in your bowl and cover with the cream. Add cut strawberry slices. Repeat the process.

5. Dust the matcha powder on top of the tiramisu. Decorate with white chocolate shavings and a few more strawberry slices.

6. Chill for at least two hours before serving.

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1 Comment

Wooooh looks DELISH! Gotta try that sometime :P

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