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Custom Mystery Panty Pack

Because you deserve to feel gorgeous and comfy every day!

It was an absolute joy to create this custom mystery panty pack for a lovely client. She had previously ordered customized panties in the Aga and Anna style. The base of the panties is made out of mesh with an embroidered lace detail in the front. The panties are cut in a Brazilian cut cheeky style in the back since this is the client's preferred style.

The mystery pack contained three new panty designs in the same cut. The first one features a beige mesh base with the gorgeous Isabella floral lace and nude elastics for a truly delicate panty fit for all meadow and forest fairies.

The second pair of panties is a modified Bianca panty. It features the same design as the original Bianca panty with a black mesh base and the deep jewel toned green lace detail. The cheeky cut gives it a slightly different and playful look.

The third pair of panties also features a black mesh base but is paired with the stunning Lola lace. The red florals and tiny gemstones make these panties a truly special piece that you can wear daily.

If you would like the same (or similar) pack of panties, just get in touch and your new favorite panties will be on their way to you in no time!

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