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About Us

Shobain is a Croatian lingerie brand created by Laura Roman. This is my story:

After years of wearing uncomfortable bras that were ill fitting and had poorly sized underwires that spent more time poking me than supporting me, I made an executive life decision: I was going to make myself a bra that was comfortable and offered support. 

And so I did.

Along that long journey of learning, drafting, sewing and wearing my creations, I fell in love with the world of lingerie. The process was truly transformative and I realized how good I can feel in my body.


This is exactly why I started Shobain: I want you to experience that amazing feeling of being comfortable, confident and free to fully express yourself in your own body. 

I hope Shobain lingerie will inspire you to be your own muse and celebrate yourself as the beautiful art that you already are. 

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