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Bianca x Isabella Custom Bralette

A collab we didn't know we needed and now we've got to have it!

It all started with a lovely message from a lovely customer:

What then followed was a swirl of ideas, discussing possible mesh and lace options and in the end the customer decided on a Bianca bralette style in two new lace and mesh options: white mesh with the gorgeously delicate Aga lace and rose gold hardware and beige mesh with the fairy floral embroidered lace, contrasting black elastics and gold hardware.

These beautiful new bralettes are now in the loving arms of their lovely owner and they're all living their best boobie lives! :)

If you want to get this beautiful bralette for yourself, you can place an order for the Bianca bralette and just mention in the notes that you want it to be a Bianca x Isabella bralette (or Bianca x Aga bralette for the white version with the Aga lace)!

Enjoy the photos and video below!

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