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Like a magical garden full of vibrant blossoms on a warm night, Phoebe pierces through the dark with a rainbow of color. The thick sweetness of rich blossoms engulfs the air as a nearby brook babbles softly and tiny fireflies dance to its rhythm.


Phoebe was a Heliad, one of the nymph daughters of the sun-god Helios. When their brother was struck by Zeus, in their grief they were transformed into poplar-trees and their tears into golden amber.


The Phoebe set is made out of a soft Oeko-Tex cotton jersey and a vibrant pink lace. The soft cup bra is lined with a black mesh and comes with removable padding and gold hardware. The Brazilian panty features the beautiful floral print in front and the soft pink lace in the back for a comfortably cheeky cut. The panty is lined with Oeko-Tex cotton jersey.


Note: Other panty types can be made instead of the Brazilian cut panty, however those will most likely have to be made without the lace fabric. Just leave a note with your order or get in touch with me beforehand to discuss your preferred design!



  • Oeko-Tex® cotton jersey: 94% cotton, 6% elastane

    Mesh: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

    Lace: 92%nylon, 8% elastane

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