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These SustainaBabe bikini sets come in various sizes of cups and bottoms. There is one piece of each size, and each is slightly different which makes these bikini sets one-of-a-kind. There are three cup sizes to choose from: A, B, C cup. 


The SustainaBabe collection was created out of a goodie bag of various swimwear fabric scraps that were not large enough to create a bikini set on their own. Instead of throwing these pieces of fabric that were in perfect condition and contributing to uneccessary fashion-production waste, they were given a new fabulous life in the SustainaBabe collection. Carefully curated and lovingly stitched into fun fashionable pieces, these bikinis are not only beautifully unique creations, but a celebration of a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry future. 


These bikinis feature a combination of the stunning patterned fabric with a vibrantly luxurious red. Each piece is reversible and offers different variations for wearing so you can keep changing your look with just one bikini! The keyhole bikini top effortlessly accentuates your cleavage. 


Pair with the matching bikini bottoms.


One of a kind and ready to ship!

SustainaBabe KeyHole Bikini top, multiple sizes

  • Lycra: 80% polyester 20% elastane

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