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Delicate and gentle, Daphne is a blooming rose garden at dawn. As the rays of early morning sunlight caress the soft rosebuds and little dew drops collect on the thin petals and leaves, the air is filled with rich notes of the beautiful floral scent.


In Greek mythology Daphne was a Naiad, a variety of nymph associated with fountains, wells, streams and other bodies of freshwater. She was loved by god Apollon who pursued her against her wishes. To escape his advances, she cried out for help and was transformed into a laurel tree which Apollon then adopted as his sacred plant.

The Daphne set is made out of a soft Oeko-Tex cotton jersey and a beautiful white and blue lace. The soft cup bra is lined with a white mesh and comes with removable padding and silver hardware. The Brazilian panty features the delicate rose print in the front and the soft lace in the back for a comfortably cheeky cut. The panty is lined with Oeko-Tex cotton jersey.


Note: Other panty types can be made instead of the Brazilian cut panty, however those will most likely have to be made without the lace fabric. Just leave a note with your order or get in touch with me beforehand to discuss your preferred design!



  • Oeko-Tex® cotton jersey: 94% cotton, 6% elastane

    Mesh: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

    Lace: 92%nylon, 8% elastane

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