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SustainaBabe Bikini Collection

There are many steps that go into producing a garment. From the initial idea and design sketching, to drafting and testing the patterns for fit, fabric sourcing, cutting and sewing -creating any garment is a labor of love.

Inevitably, as we cut out the pattern pieces for a particular piece we are making, we are left with other, smaller, leftover pieces of the same fabric. Oftentimes, these pieces are too small to create another garment so what is a gal to do?

There is always an option of throwing it away. But this option is very unsustainable and wasteful because it contributes to unecessary fashion production waste and gets rid of fabric pieces that are of perfect quality. So this gal decided to use them to create something new and beautiful in celebration of a brighter and more sustainable fashion future.

Enter: SustainaBabe!

A one-of-a-kind swimsuit collection that used up a whole bag of leftover fabric pieces to create some fabulousity. Carefully curated fabrics that pair beautifully together and pattern adjustments that create interesting shapes came together in this collection made with love.

The bikinis are ready-made in standard Shobain sizes and can be shipped immediately, just in time for your next beach vacation. Of course, there are also bikinis that can be custom and made to order - just get in touch and we'll create your dream swimsuit together!

Explore the whole collection of unique SustainaBabe bikinis below:

Happy swimming!

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